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Why Momento?

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Firstly, at Momento we understand that heading to a salon or Hairdressers should be a time to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself! You’ll always be made to feel very welcome and comfortable at Galway’s premium Hairdressing and nail salon.

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Our in-house nail technicians are skilled at a range of different nail treatments. You’re pretty much spoiled for choice at our nail bar.


Whether it’s nails for your every day lifestyle, something to match an outfit for a special occasion, or a holiday look, Momento’s staff can guide in the right direction with recommendations and plenty of creative inspiration.


After a hair appointment, why not treat yourself to a quick file and a bit of polish? For just €12, it’s worth the extra few minutes for the way you’ll feel walking out! It’s amazing what a quick manicure can do.


At Momento, we also do shellac nails and gel nails, for a longer-lasting look. Our nails last at least two weeks, and give your nails a glossy, natural look in a wide range of products.


For our nails, they use Essie products for a professional finish. There’s a seriously wide range of colours, so your choice for colour combination is pretty much unlimited! Shellac nails can be done from €18, and gel nails can be done from €40.

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The fun part comes with the nail design. Momento’s nail technicians can do any sort of bespoke design or creation you can imagine, and they have fun playing with ideas for a one-of-a-kind look.


Go for a solid colour with an accent nail, or dress them up for the holidays. Our bubbly and helpful staff at Momento are happy to sit down with you, dream up a design or colour combination, and give you a gorgeous manicure you’ll want to show off.


One perk of coming to Momento Hair, Nail and Beauty salon is, it covers all your beauty needs: you can opt for package deals, and save yourself a bit of time and money.


At Momento, you can get any combination of manicure, blow dry, and make up treatment for a real knock-out look.


For gel nails, a shellac manicure, or just a quick file and polish, call into Momento Hairdressing!

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